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2007-08-17 14:05:20 by FunnyAnimations

Okay... So waht I'v done was I made two profiles for my self. The reason I did that was because my animations kept getting blamed and New Grounds punished me by not letting me post my animations for a nother two damn weeks. What sucks is that I go the last animations I submited with this account blamed for spelling error "erra". Urgghh!! Well anyway, I'll be using the other accoutn cause there I can edit them and stuff.


2007-08-08 22:31:09 by FunnyAnimations

Hmm.. I been working on flash for a while now. And people seem to hate it... Not because of the animation, or because the content but because of the spelling. It pisses me off so damn much to see you guys make such a big deal with spelling. I got a flash blamed 'cause I spelt something Erra insted of Error. Big fucking deal! Also a game I made, a good game, that i spent a long time on.. It got blamed because people THOUGHT i spelt soemthing wrong. So to yous out there, FUCK YOU!!!